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Someone Called Me an Entrepreneur… And I Was Insulted

I wasn’t exactly sure why I was insulted, but it just felt wrong. It wasn’t the word, but how it was used towards me. It came across as “based on all your years as an entrepreneur, you should be able… Continue Reading →

Do You Have A Narcissist in your Midst?

We did! And, we didn’t know it until it was too late. Now, like many of you, we have heard the word before. Some may even remember from school the story of Narcissus… the man who saw his reflection in… Continue Reading →

T is in the house, ” said bar chum Adam Miller

So I shouldn’t have driven home from Killdeer the other night without gassing up. But it was cold, I was tired, and the technology we have on this newfangled car gave me confidence. It whispered, “Don’t worry, Jessie, you… Continue Reading →

But I never scored points for that team

As I said, no real conclusions. It’s just bizarre and sad to me how much trivial crap stands in the way of amazing things. NASA has to prostitute itself into supporting [explitive self edited] like Hanson and climate study instead… Continue Reading →

This helps remind you of any unsaved trips you have actively

thoughts from the start of umass football spring camp Cheap Jerseys china Glad he was happily married with kids. I was divorced twice. I truly never found what that had given me but I thought it was teenage love. Race… Continue Reading →

SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) More people than ever are expected to place

FEMINIST. FIRST USED AT THE NATIONAL PRESS CLUB. NE QUESTION, YOU READY? YOU ARE NOT FLUNKING SO FAR. SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) More people than ever are expected to place prop bets on Sunday Super Bowl game and most of… Continue Reading →

Max collins is a photographer and installation artist born and

That cellulite. The more those fat cells inflate, the more evident the cellulite becomes. The flipside: Lose the fat; say goodbye to cellulite. Max collins is a photographer and installation artist born and raised around western new york and is… Continue Reading →

Well, it’s time to call her up for your Halloween costume

Inland Valley League notes: Johnnie Young (Rancho Verde) improved his area No.2 mark in the triple jump to 47 feet, 6 inches. Elijah Hughes (North) improved his area lead in the high jump to 6 9, tied for No.4 in… Continue Reading →

The deadline to file nomination documents is Jan

boy scout troop 225 involved in accident thanks the bonduel community Cheap NBA Snapbacks Junior transfer center Avery Peterson of Grand Rapids made it 4 1 with his third goal in six games as a Bulldog. With less than 90… Continue Reading →

The board also contains electedrepresentatives of employees and

Never too early, and it never too late cheap jerseys, he said. Can tackle and change these biological risk factors for crime and violence. Have been more than 45 randomized, controlled experimental trials on using medications with aggressive children, and… Continue Reading →

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